Significant Others has been officially cancelled by Fox (May, 1998)

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The theme song of Significant Others is called "Lovers" by Five Easy Pieces
From Variety - July 20, 1998: PO5 co-creators Amy Lippman & Chris Keyser said that they would still consider developing projects for the FOX network, but only under new circumstances or agreements. It seems that the 2 are still ticked off that FOX executives pulled the plug on "Significant Others" after 3 episodes.The co-creators said that they blame the timing of PO5 negotiations with the network as one of the reasons the show was not allowed to find an audience. The quote continues as saying that "The PO5 viewers were upset that their show was going on a lengthy hiatus that late in the season. So in turn the loyal PO5 viewers purposely refused to tune into "S.O." at the PO5 timeslot." Lippman/Keyser have also said they will consider doing projects for CBS and WB networks as well as overseeing PO5.
July 28, 2006: Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the cast of Lost as a possible love interest for Jack (Matthew Fox). Two ex-players from Lippman and Keyser, together at last!

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