Significant Previews

April 1: The Shoot

Note from March 30th: Apparently, Fox decided to yank this episode at the last minute. Read this article about why.

Campbell comes down to Ben's catalogue shoot and winds up attracting the interest of the young new lingerie model, Brittany, but when Brittany decides to quit the catalogue job so she can 'act' in Campbell's video, Ben accuses Campbell of stealing the girl out from under him. Worried that Brittany has diverted Ben's attention, Jane reacts to Ben's avid interest in the model by becoming more amorous in bed, despite the fact that she's exhausted from work. Charlotte decides she wants to take the relationship with Henry further even though she is Henry's supervisor, and springs the idea of renting him an apartment so they don't have to continue their 'meetings' in cheesy motels. He protests that he'll feel like a gigolo, but doesn't tell her the real reason. Nell finally works up the courage to tell Michael, her father's business partner that she's in love with him.

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